Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Some questions for Sam Allardyce

This, from Sam Allardyce in the Evening Standard, yesterday:

“The fans at Tottenham thought it was going to a breeze for them, a nice comfortable three points. But the Premier League will tell you that if you think like that then you are going to get your backside kicked, and they got their backside kicked.”

Okay, so, like I say, a few questions:

Does he really mean "the fans"?

If so, does he believe that this collective arrogant attitude from the terraces was the chief contributing factor to our defeat?

And it was "the fans" that got their backsides kicked? By his players?

Or does he mean our players? Were they the ones that were too confident and too casual? He must mean the players, right?

(But if he does mean the fans, do we, the fans, have a manager? And if so, could that manager not have torn into us at half time? Got us a bit more focused, maybe made a couple of changes?)

Let's go back to assuming he means the players: what was their attitude for the previous 14 home games against West Ham? Were they fearful of a terrible hiding every time the boys in claret and blue came to town - and so raised their game in order to prevent this mauling?

Or were they equally casual and just got lucky - 14 years in a row?

Is that sarcasm drifting dangerously close to wildly misplaced arrogance? And if it is, have I already cost us three points next season?

Has he ever met  a Spurs fan? Okay, I mean Spurs fans like me. Okay, I mean me. I never think we're getting a nice, comfortable three points. 'Nice' and 'comfortable' are not words that match my Spurs experience or expectations.

Can 'the Premier League' talk?

What does it sound like?

Is it true that you're the most brilliant and underrated manager in the history of football?

There are two things beyond question: West Ham beat us fair and square and all managers are effortlessly irritating, especially just after they've beaten us.