Sunday, 29 September 2013

Come on football!

I didn't see the game as I was doing horrible adult things in Brighton.

I should rephrase that. It involved forms, sofas and progeny, not dungeons and drag queens.

Anyway, I saw the score after the event, read a couple of reports and only the next day saw brief highlights, including Chelsea 'celebrating' their goal.

Gosh they seemed angry. Such a lot of shouting and pointing and snarling: players to each other, players to fans, fans to players. None of them seemed to be enjoying themselves very much.

Also saw Mourinho's post match interview which, like a multi-storey car park next to a clown convention, was ridiculous on so many levels. Silly preening child-man. I was bored before he even began.

I mentioned all this to a friend and they said, You know, maybe you just don't like football. Maybe I don't. I'm not sure. I hope I do, but I'm really not sure. I don't think I like footballers. I definitely don't like most football managers. I doubt I'd like many football club owners. I don't like football supporters much. I don't like football commentators or football pundits. I don't like football phone in shows - the people who host them or the people who call them. I don't like football journalists. I don't like football debates or football banter.

Maybe I just like the football. I mean the actual thing. Maybe if everything else could be muted and whited out I could watch it pinging about, being manipulated, arcing through the air, rifling into the net. Whose net? Dunno. Don't care. It's all about the football. C'mon football!

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  1. You don't write enough any more. I know about losing interest in blogs and its always a shame when something pertinent slows down because of life, disdain or anything really. I always enjoy what you write; always spot on. :)