Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Triffic tactics - from Daniel, not Harry

I see what we're doing. I get it.

What's clearly happening is that in the build up to each of our last eight games, Daniel Levy is allowing the manager of the opposition to be linked heavily with the Spurs job, thereby causing them to stop and think, at least sub-consciously, do I want Champions League football or not?

It worked on Brendan Rodgers. There wasn't a booking, barely a tackle, hardly any shots and their goal was just an unhappy accident. And they then spent the next ten minutes defending so badly that we looked dangerous from set pieces.

Smart move, Danny boy, smart move. Not sure he's thought it through, though.

I mean it'll work this week against Sunderland. Might work against Norwich. Can even give it a go against Bolton and QPR.

But then we play Blackburn. Steve Keane for Tottenham? Not seen a headline quite as unbelievable since that World War II bomber was found on the moon. The Metro will probably go with it.


  1. Imagine having Di Matteo as manager then! I cant stand the look of him. he lookslike an arrogant thunderbirds puppet.

  2. Not against Bolton please.
    Never trust a manager who wears shorts on match days.

  3. Spurs guvnor is spot on - he does. His eyes probably light up on the dark too. I think an Italina would say he has 'una faccia da schiaffi' meaning it looks like it warrants a slap. Probably loves him mum though

  4. So polite that game. Angel and Monk (ah the names) took turns as stepping stools for Ade. Neil Taylor’s right leg became Walker's punching bag. O’Neill for Tottenham.

  5. cant quite understand the jib at brendan rogers.hes managing a small income club.his players are schooled in the skills of football.their weakness is that they need top rank strikers that cost big bucks that a small club cant afford.would i like to see him at spurs if arry goes.pg yes.hes a breath of fresh air in the league.his team plays like a top continental club.he will go on to greater things.we can only hope its at spurs.

  6. I am really thinking Slaven Billic is the man he's a character his players love him and play for him just as they do for Harry he has played at two English clubs with great tradition and he is young...and most of all Modric will stay for him..and when Modric is done he'll go to Zagreb and get Badelj coming Danny get him in>>