Monday, 5 March 2012

Tottenham: Where did it all go wrong?

This is a classic 'Where did it all go wrong?' moment.

You know the story, of course; it practically defines George Best. One afternoon, injured or AWOL, our man, instead of slogging away at the training ground, is 'relaxing' on a hotel bed surrounded by swathes of bank notes, bottles of Champagne and a Miss Universe (or two, depends who you believe).

A waiter walks in to deliver some room service, assesses the scene, shakes his head ruefully and asks, 'Oh George, where did it all go wrong?'

And here we sit, third in the table, with a run in that, apart from one or two exceptions is more or less strewn with petals, - oh, and home games against Stevenage and Bolton between us and an FA Cup semi final.

So, where did it all go wrong?

Well, we lost away at Arsenal and at home to Man Utd. For about 90 minutes across the two games we were pretty woeful, for the other 90 minutes, we were probably just about the better side but failed to really capitalise.

Win our next two league games and we should still be fine. It would mean we couldn't come out the other side of Chelsea away any worse than a point ahead of Arsenal. And from then on the average league position of our last eight opponents is about 15th.

So, Everton away becomes, inevitably, the most important game of the season so far.

Remember though, the thing about that George Best story is that the joke's supposed to be on the waiter. We're meant to laugh at him for asking such a dumb question. But he was right, wasn't he? Things had started to go wrong for Best.The causes and the symptoms of his decline were indeed all present in that hotel room - his very presence there being one of them.

Which means we actually learn nothing from it. Except, maybe, how to console ourselves on Saturday night after Tim Cahill bags a late winner.


  1. In order Spurs to become permanently a team challenging trophies and titles and a place in top four they needs a number of players who are effective, play concentrated and intelligent and have a winner's mentality. The team also needs to apply and adapt the right tactics during the course of a game.

    1. That would mean getting Jose Mourinho as Manager upon Harry Redknapp. Can we accept his brand of football?

  2. This is not far from the truth but instead of Champagne its energy drinks causing our downfall. Where did it all go wrong well for me watching football started to turn into a nightmare before a ball was even kicked and instead of me looking forward to the next game i dreaded it. The reason was the one thing that makes a better team win games is when they run a team ragged and they tire and make mistakes. This in now now not a factor in some game and gaining in popularity by the season. How this has happened is why i now dread playing games where the other team are desperate for points either relegation or top four or better. All these games have one thing in common because all the players are full of energy they all can score or defend in the same numbers. This is where its all gone wrong the word desperate increase after January twofold with points winning prizes and no points getting some relegated. The top four is now the top six and will be rising with more teams getting new owners with big ideas of top four. Sky giving more money the higher you finish has made it even more desperate and this is why i cant relax even when the team are bottom or they have not won for weeks. When i seen what makes some teams defend and attack with no fear of running out of eneregy and getting beat all because half time is long enough to up the tempo for the next forty five plus mins of attack and defend in greater numbers. This has made some players look like they are starving to death the latest one being Turner of Sunderland and many more Andrews of West Brom both in outstanding from till one beat the other 4-0. this iam afraid where it has all gone wrong and it will get worse up next poor Everton who beat Chelsea 2-0 and iam shitting myself no matter who is missing from there line up.

    1. Davspurs by any chance?