Thursday, 22 March 2012

I'm with Cherie Lunghi

At the nail-biting denouement of pioneering '80s drama The Manageress, one of the players has to take a penalty which, if he scores, means the team, called, er, something or other, will, um, I dunno, get promoted. Or avoid relegation.

Look I was mainly (only) watching for Cherie Lunghi. But what I do remember is that, her character, The Manageress, just before the kick is taken, turns her back and walks away. She is so disillusioned with... sorry, again, I'm not quite sure, it was either drugs or match-fixing... anyway, she was so disillusioned with something that she could no longer actually bring herself to care whether or not the pen went in.

I know how she feels.

(Just reading that again and really wishing it was true)

But, no, I empathise. Honestly, if Cheri Lunghi's so hacked off with football that she fancies an early bath then I see no good reason why I shouldn't join her.

As Tony Hancock would have said: Honestly, I ask you, what's the point? What is the point?

I mean we'll have those all or nothing moments between now and the end of the season, sure, in the league and in the cup, but they're just blinking lights in a vast dark sky. A vast dark sky that's falling in. So it's time to get philosophical and go Lunghi.

Either that or I'm sulking.

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