Saturday, 21 January 2012

The wisdom of Jim Royle and the future of Spurs

In one of the heart string-tugging Christmas episodes of The Royle Family, Denise is pregnant, they all watch a bit of telly, then her waters break.

It famously ends with Jim and his daughter alone, upstairs. The drama of the moment heightened by the unfamiliarity of the surroundings and their rare removal from their emotional and actual comfort zone. He talks to her movingly about the joys of parenthood and what she's meant to him over the years, before checking: 'Are you sure it's not just a bloody great p*ss?'

The same question applies to Spurs: Have we made a significant breakthrough, or have we just been on a bloody great run?

Since losing, heavily to Man Utd and Man City, we have, basically, won games we should have (yes, I'm pleased to say that includes Arsenal), failed to beat Chelsea at home, failed to beat Wolves at home, lost to Stoke, conceded late equalisers to Newcastle and Swansea...

Look, it's been great, obviously. We've played some fantastic stuff. And to baldly state we've 'won games we should have' dismisses just how many of them we've won and how hard it is to actually do that.

But, it is a very real possibility that we're about to not win a whole load of games that we shouldn't, get overtaken by Chelsea and find ourselves in a scrap for 4th with Arsenal which, really, isn't that far from where we've been, on and off, for a few years now.

You see, against Wolves, we apparently, 'wobbled', or 'showed signs of feeling the pressure', or even 'reverted to type'.

But I think we played more or less as we did against West Brom and Sunderland, only without the odd bounce of the ball/favourable decision.

The media fitted the result to a narrative that casts us as title challengers who bottled it a bit. But it looked an awful lot to me like Spurs. Has there been what marketing types might call 'a paradigm shift'?

If we win away to City tomorrow, the answer's going to have to shift from 'probably not' to 'quite possibly'. Which is ridiculous in itself, because winning away at City used to be a matter of routine.

So, are Redknapp and Levy birthing a glorious new era at White Hart Lane, or have we just been having a bloody great p*ss? Cross your fingers - and your legs - because we might be about to find out...

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  1. This seems decidedly prophetic now!!!