Saturday, 14 January 2012

Tiresome media hysteria and rival fans' wilful idiocy

Media (when Spurs are doing quite well): Harry, is it possible for Spurs to win the league?

Harry: It's 'possible', yes.

Headline: 'We can win title, roars Spurs boss'.

Other teams' fans: Ha, look at them getting carried away

Media (when Spurs inevitably drop points): So, Harry, do you still think you're going to win the league?

Harry: I never said I thought we were going to win the league! You asked me if I thought it was possible and, to avoid lying, I said yes!

Headline: 'Harry cools Spurs title talk!'

Other teams' fans: Ha, what an embarrassing climbdown.

Reality: We were never likely to win the league, but it remains 'possible', I suppose. What's probable is a battle for third and fourth with Arsenal and Chelsea (worse news for them than us) and, it seems, most of the Premier League officials. (Sorry, can only be rational for so long)


  1. The media hyping things out of all recognition who'd have thought it?
    Next thing you know they'll be claiming England are a shoo in for the European championship.

  2. Spot on. Just enjoyin the riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide! ;o)