Friday, 6 January 2012

A stupid and ungrateful Spurs fan writes...

This is utterly churlish and wholly unreasonable, I know. But now and again, when I'm feeling especially idiotic, I do wish we hadn't just written off the first two games of the season.

If you measured the league over of the top three's last 17 games, the top three would look like this:

Tottenham 42
Man City 39
Man Utd 36

The reality's not quite as awesome. Pretty damn good, but not 'oh my god we might actually win this thing' good.

And the reason is those first two games - games we didn't just lose, we sacrificed.

Now, obviously, they were pretty tough fixtures, and we may have lost them both anyway. But we just wrote them off. We didn't give ourselves a chance.

Harry clearly decided that he wouldn't have the players he wanted until the end of August, that Modric wouldn't be 'in the right frame of mind' until the window shut, etc. So we went in half-hearted and patched-up.

Could we have sorted these issue out sooner? Did the start of the season sneak up on us? Did no one on the coaching staff buy the Sunday papers on August 7th? They all very prominently displayed the entire 11/12 fixtures...

Could Proper Spurs, the Spurs we've come to know and love since then, have done better than no points and a goal difference of -7? You'd hope so, wouldn't you? Even two points would have made all the difference. And when I say 'all', I mean this much:

Man City 46 from 20
Tottenham 44 from 19
Man Utd 43 from 20

Which would mean we'd need to beat Everton at home next week to go top with more than half the season gone.

So, yeah, nice one Tottenham; thanks very much. Honestly, I don't know why I bother sometimes.


  1. Haha! love it, wish we had got two points from those games but hey we've still got to play them both again and on our form I say we can win!

  2. Great article!!!!!!?

  3. Most clubs would have a better points tally if they didn't have to play the top two sides. Let's not get too excited until we've played the tough series of games in February and March. If we're still in the running then, I'll begin to really believe we can win the League. COYS

  4. true, we have to beat man utd tho full stop at WHL we haven't beaten them in any competition since 2001 that is a disgraceful record and they've pretty much owned us when its counted, we were stiff last year at WHL 0-0 but we had our chances and didn't take them we must do so this time round otherwise whats the point of us being 3rd if we can't outplay teams on level parring

  5. If we had won all 19 games we would have 57 points.
    If is a small word but has huge bearing on the outcome of every deed.

  6. Unless we strengthen after Gallas, Sandro and Parker injuries we will slide.....we have to do some business.

  7. How about the fact we've been stitched up by officials in two of the games since then? I'm not even talking about decisions that are considered subjective, like the Elbow Shawcross used to clear off the line or the handball that while admittedly not deliberate, still gave an advantage to Cole and led to a goal. I'm talking about 2 goals, ruled out Incorrectly for offside by morons. Their incompetence has cost us 3 points minimum (arguably 5) and we should be going into the Everton game looking to go joint top regardless of the games thrown away at the start.

    Pisses me off is all...

  8. without foy we would be well placed. i laugh listening to wenger whine about one missed slightly unclear penalty when foy made 7 match changing decisions against us including three clear penalties not given ad a handball for stokes goal. if that had happend to wenger he wd have not only thrown all of his toys out of the pram he wd have turned his pram over with his temper tantrum

  9. A well thought out statistical article; but you tend to forget that some poor officiating has robbed us of 4 points quite recently. However, that is the nature of the beast that is football.. chin up chap and just appreciate the fact that we are third and not down in the basement!!

  10. We did get a dodgy decision go our way against fulham - the Walker handball, that saved us 2 points. We need to strengthen though or we won't even get fourth.

  11. I don't know about churlish, but I'd definitely say your point is, err, pointless. Ifs, buts and maybes don't mean anything. You could equally argue that had we won those games we may have taken the foot off the gas and lost two more later on? I won't say it though because it's, well, pointless.

  12. We had a dossy pre-season, that's why we started so slowly. Hopefully it'll work out nicely and we'll be fresh for the run in

  13. Totally agree with MJS....really pointless article, I'm afraid.

  14. There's such a lot of ifs and buts isn't there? If we'd played the first 2 games, if we'd got modric in the right frame of mind?! If all those infuriating decisions had gone our way........ Can't do a lot now just try and strengthen and plough on

  15. Honestly Gee, don't be afraid. All these articles are fucking pointless. Every single one. Most of them are shit as well. And wildly inaccurate. I would honestly stop reading if I was you - especially if you're hoping for any sort of point, or logic, or actually funny jokes. I'd like to say I will now to try and concentrate only on things that have actually happened or will definitely happened. But I won't. Because I, myself, am almost entirely pointless.

  16. By the time we played at Old Trafford, Man Yoo had already played a competitive Charity shield game at Wembley and a league game and were beginning to shake off the annual ring rustiness that teams suffer from during the early part of the season. We went into that game cold and it showed, I reckon.
    City beat us because they were fantastic on the day. The best I've ever seen them. No shame in getting beat sometimes. That's football.

    I can see Pav doing at the Etihad in a couple of weeks what Dzecko did at WHL when he stands in for Ade... No, really I can ;)

    This is my pointless opinion on the matter.

  17. I have a point


    There it is

  18. Maybe someone can answer this. I was told that 4 yellow cards were awarded aginst WBA for fouls on Bale. Is this true? If so is it a record for carded fouls against one player? If so is this not targetted obstruction? If so is the FA too busy investigating player who cut the bottoms of their socks off, which is why they are not looking into it?

  19. Adebayor/Parker/Friedel have made a huge difference to the team since those first two games without them. Hope we have learned the lesson and get our deals done early from now on.