Sunday, 4 December 2011


A lousy hand at Scrabble, but a hell of a run.

There's a Joy Division song called Day of the Lords which ends with a desperate Ian Curtis bleakly intoning "Where will it end? Where will it end?" It's on a permanent loop in my head these days.

I hope the answer's not 'Stoke'.

It was never going to be 'at home to Bolton', was it? Not after scoring within the first 15 minutes? No, of course it wasn't. But then...

At one point I thought all 36,000 of us were part of some weird new hidden camera show and that the players, under instruction from the production team, were just winding us up. Mind you, they'd have needed an industrial strength bleep button in the editing suite. It was the double miss by Adebayor and Defoe in added time at the end of the first half that, for me, dragged out swear words not in common useage since Beowulf.

Thankfully, in the second half, we played just as well, only with goals. Not the nine or 10 that would have had us reaching for the record books, but two that made for a comfortable afternoon and temporarily put us second (be honest, who took a screen grab?).

The next day, on the Sunday Supplement, Brian Woolnough wrapped up part two with a sentence that went something like: 'After the break we'll be looking back at Tottenham's 3-0 win over Bolton, and asking are they playing the best football ever seen in the Premier League era?'

Presumably part three was four blokes saying 'No'.

It was pretty good though.

Where will it end? Yeah, Stoke, maybe. The key question is actually becoming, How will we react when it does end? But that's not the title of a Joy Division song. In fact, the only song they ever recorded about Spurs was, of course, The Atrocity Exhibition. I think Dean Austin was on the cover.

Anyway, two more Ws, please, and then a massive C (Chelsea, obviously).


  1. Excellent post!

    Only an old school Spurs fan can know the extent to which we all want to really enjoy this spell but are simultaneously expecting the worst.

    I, of course, assumed the massive C was John Terry...

  2. love joy division