Thursday, 8 December 2011

Seven would be heaven - but is it 'Welcome to Hell'?

Stoke away has become a symbolic fixture for football folk. 'On a wet Tuesday night', I believe, completes the cliche.

This was the exact mix of venue, time and prevailing meteorological conditions that Andy Gray reckoned would expose Lionel Messi for the effete charlatan he so obviously is.

Or did he? Maybe it's one of those apocryphal things. Or something that's been twisted just to make him look dumb and conform with his image as an old school clogger. A bit like the Gordon Brown/Arctic Monkey's/Gazza's goal things.*

Another cliche is ex players 'coming back to haunt' their old clubs. Possibly even 'proving a point'. Step forward, P. Crouch. Only try not to trip yourself up. Actually, do.

Anyway, Stoke away it is. On a trembling Sunday afternoon.

We have played better teams than this in the last 11 games. We've beaten better teams. But this feels like the biggest test. We're live on TV; Sky will hype us to the heavens before kick off; Arsenal, Man Utd and Liverpool will all have won the day before.

Even more interestingly, Chelsea and Man City play the day after. If we lose, we surely have to root for City - concentrating on an achievable target rather than dreaming the impossible dream. But if we win we... what, support Chelsea? Good lord. These are strange times. Strange and wondrous times. And I don't care what happens, I'm not calling them 'JT' or 'Lamps'.

* Arctic Monkeys: Brown was asked if he preferred James Blunt or The Arctic Monkeys. He said he didn't really know/like either, but he knew Alex Turner's boys were kinda loud, so he said 'at least they'd wake you up in the morning'. The tabloid press ignored all this and decided that he'd declared himself a fan in a craven and embarrassing attempt to court popularity and generally not be seen as, well, weird, frankly.

* Gazza's goal: He was asked if he'd ever been to an England game. He said yes, several. He was asked to name the most memorable. He said one was the qualifying game for World Cup '98 against Italy in Rome, the other was the Euro '96 match against his beloved Scotland. He said it was the best atmosphere he'd ever experienced at a football match. Fair enough. But, it was reported as 'Gazza's goal AGAINST Scotland is Brown's favourite'.


  1. I'm certainly hoping for a 'come on Lamps, JT, The Drog' - oh you loveable bunch. Come on Spurs - then I'll believe. 9 more points before Christmas.

    Mind you, I wouldn't be overly upset if JT gets a straight red for violent play.

  2. This is a game which requires Spurs to protect the like of VDV and Modric and Bale. They should play Kaboul clones in all 10 positions. We all know Friedel can well look after himself he was just practicing on a goalpost last week.

  3. certainly would be happy with a point and no injuries. they will certainly be going in hard on challenges. Super Scott Parker could have a massive day, just the type of day he is so valuable.

  4. No dicking around. pick your best XI and get at 'em. This is as much a test as any game we've played this season so far or in the next 25 league games.

    We just have to go out and believe we can win it, and all will be rosy. We are a better side than most including Stoke City and should, if we play anywhere near our potential come out on top.

    I am confident

  5. We know whats coming - 50 yard diagonal balls aimed randomly at 3 meter Peter's head to be either directed toward our goal ( assuming he is inside the box ) and to the edge of our box ( assuming he is outside it ) that and those robot like cruise missile throw ins from Delap we know whats on the way. Lets get it on the ground and crush them with our swashbuckling passing pace vision and panache. Or just score a few fcking goals the way they do I really dont care so long as we win. Tis a mighty test for the mighty Tottenham but we have the ability to ace it.

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  7. You called this right. I think we deserved at least a point barring the questionable ref decisions. Poor first half and two poor goals conceeded but we did more than enough to earn that point. Guess our luck run out...