Saturday, 24 December 2011

And Adebayor must score...

If Adebayor had taken his 92nd minute chance, it may have been the greatest thing to happen in the history of things happening. Or at least in the top 183 billion, which, when you think about it, is right up there.

One thing's for sure, if he'd had an Arsenal shirt on and been playing against us rather than for us, he'd have slotted it. And we'd have been heartbroken.

As it is, we're mildly disappointed with a 1-1 draw at home to Chelsea. Not because we deserved more, we didn't, but because, in that last five or ten minute spell we could so easily have snatched more.

I actually think the best chance fell to Bale, when Pav's miscontrol became an unwitting 1-2 with Modric, who then played a wonderfully delicate little ball into Gareth - who blazed over the bar. It was only when you saw the replay from behind him that you saw how sweetly it sat up, begging, demanding even, to be drilled low either side of the 'keeper, something our man is eminently capable of doing. But he didn't.

Also, of course, their goal should have been disallowed (shut up Alan Smith, seriously, just shut up. Forever.) and Adebayor's was clearly onside. Chelsea's last three goals against us, in fact, have all been bogus - giving them four points instead of none. Ah well.

Two tricky but winnable away games next - four points wouldn't be a terrible return. Except, of course, it probably would be, because City, United, Arsenal and Chelsea all look to have fixtures that will quite comfortably deliver six points before the new year - at which point the transfer window opens up and Man Utd will come wooing (or possibly even a-courting) Luka, who might finally speak for the first time in forever, only to repeat what he said in the summer, only substituting the words 'Manchester United' for the word 'Chelsea'.

Well, in this sentence, try substituting the word 'hazelnut' with a word that rhymes with 'ducking'. 'You're hazelnut staying, sunshine, so hazelnut accept that and stop being a hazelnut pain in the hazelnut backside every six months, because, seriously, if you leave, what would have been the hazelnut point in the last three years?'

Have a hazelnut good Christmas everyone.


  1. And a hazelnut partridge in a pear tree to you, laddie! Cheers & COYS!

  2. hazelnut Alan Smith...hate him

  3. Hazlenut Chris Foy, Howard Webb, Mark Clattenburg and Jack sms Wilshere.

  4. I find Adebayor's shots in goal generally too weak. Had he shot harder late in the match, John Terry would not have had time to block the ball on the goal line and he would have won the match for his team.

  5. Adebayor is quality and has made our team so much stronger. Scoring goals, making goals,holding up the ball, crisp passing. Fantastic. Very unlucky not to have had two further goals. I would love for us to sign him on a permanent basis.

  6. Ade has made a huge difference. He's at least 2 levels above Crouch as a quality fron man. IMO he needs to be playing with Defoe rather than DVD. I think DVD needs a good long spell to get over his continual hamstring injuries. He hasn't looked sharp enough for a few games now.

  7. Ade has been great. But I would give a shout for Demba Ba. Among all the strikers in BPL, Ba looks the only one who will offer whatever Ade is offering us. And he is a more prolific scorer! Prob cheaper and won't ask for the heavens.