Saturday, 19 November 2011

Pacemakers or a right bunch of anginas?

So, having upset the blue half of Manchester, it's time to get back to what I do best: depressing the lillywhite half of North London.

Seven wins out of eight, flowing football, bags of goals, new-found resilience and the odd slice of luck. It can't last. Can it?

Probably not, but can it last at least one more game, please? Because to be brought back down to earth by Villa: that'd be a bump and a half. I mean they're such a bland team. Not so long ago, they were our main rivals for the title of Team Most Likely To. Now they're... God knows. What are their ambitions? Where do they want to be in five years? How are they going to qualify for the Champions League?

You're right, of course, it's the classic Barry Davies answer: Frankly, who cares.

All that matters is that they don't find any ambition, direction or a fit Gabriel Agbonlahor on Monday evening.

Interestingly (or as 'interestingly' as you can get in the context of discussing Aston Villa), they're top of The Others, right now, four points behind Liverpool. There have always been leagues within leagues, of course; groups of teams fighting at different levels for different prizes, or for survival.

But maybe the fault lines are shifting. Perhaps the idea of a big four is fading. Will there be many points separating Chelsea, Arsenal, Utd, us, Liverpool? Newcastle even? If it wasn't for Man City, this might well be the most exciting season for years. Unless you support Aston Villa. Then your only hope of excitement is, just as a for instance, an away win at Tottenham.

But, screw that. Adebayor's been playing well lately but not notching. So, let's have a brace from him and another from Bale. All before the 70 minute mark and with nowt at the other end. Nice and boring.

If nothing else, it'll be good for Harry's heart.


  1. 3-1 seems to be the consensus which means we would go third with a game in hand.
    There,between us we've nicely set it up for a 1-1 draw.
    I blame you.

  2. Was this the preview or the review?
    I dont know if your being able to see the future will garner 85 comments, but its arguably more impressive.
    idk though, 85 comments is a lot. I didnt know 85 people even read this.
    I change my mind, 85 comments > being a prophet.