Monday, 28 November 2011

Not even Phil Thompson can spoil this party

It's rarely a good thing when Phil Thompson talks.

When he's 'doing' us on Gillette Soccer Saturday, it's almost always a truly terrible thing.

When he's 'doing' us, it's injury time, we're one-up and he suddenly shouts 'GOOOAAAL!', it's borderline justification for conkicide.

This weekend though, when he did exactly that, it was an excellent thing; he spoke the words we longed to hear: "It's a third goal for Spurs, Jeff. Game over."

I'd started watching the match on an iffy internet link. The picture was okay, but couldn't really cope with movement at speed - much like our back four, initially.

We were poor. Not just bad, but Bad Old Days-bad. It was a classic 'we're away, it's cold, let's barely turn up' performance, so beloved of Spurs teams through the ages.

Somehow, though, we went in all level, then found a couple of gears West Brom didn't have and, ultimately, deserved the three points.

After JD's excellent goal, I decided I couldn't watch my buffering feed any longer and turned, instead, to Sky, and The Men Who Stare At Goals.

Which is when Phil Thompson came into play and delivered the sentence we longed to hear nearly as much as 'I realise I am an inept and inarticulate communicator and resign immediately'.

And so we won again. We gained ground on all the teams around us except Chelsea. We put ourselves in a position to overhaul Man Utd. We did it all without our best player.

Oh God, it's like a scene from a breaking down marriage: 'I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO YOU ARE ANYMORE!'.

But I like it.


  1. You have put into words how I feel about spurs

  2. This is do brilliantly spot on. As usual. I hope Phil Thompson reads this!

  3. Oh God, it's like a scene from a breaking down marriage: 'I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO YOU ARE ANYMORE!'.

    hehe. spot on. i'm confused

  4. Brilliant and amusing write-up. If you watched phil throughout the game you would have found that he desperately wanted West Brom to win the game. That made victory even more sweeter.