Saturday, 29 October 2011

Tottenham v QPR - here come the nice

It's impossible to say this without sounding patronising. And I retain the right to completely reverse my position after the game, but I quite like QPR. They're nice.

Very few of us, I'm sure, have QPR-supporting friends that really get on our tits with their constant arrogance, needling, aggression or triumphalism. They don't do that sort of thing. (And yes, the fact that they haven't won anything since 1967 or been in the Premier League since 1996 probably helps).

Their famous fans include Mick Jones and Mark Ellen. Top marks.

I like the ground. I like where it is. I like the walk to the ground. I like the pubs. We all love Sir Les.

QPR are a good, solid indie label of a team. Plus they didn't half stick it to Chelsea last week.

If we don't win tomorrow, though, I will burn a copy of Word magazine and smash a couple of Clash albums to pieces (Cut the Crap and Sandinista, I guess).

Because a series of weird results mean that whilst City disappear into the distance, everyone else is checking calculators and fixture lists to see if they're going to be second or seventh when Christmas comes. I'm gonna guess fifth for us. And the same goes for where we'll finish come May. I knew if for a fact last year - and I fear it as our fate this year.

That said, I suspect all I have to do is Tweet one grumbly remark about VdV being picked ahead of Defoe and he'll bag a hat trick. I will look 'stupid' - and – although most of you will have to trust me on this – very, very happy.


  1. Have to disagree.... we will finish in the top 4 this year no doubt, we are much stronger than last term... Ade, Parker, Brad, Walker. I rest my case.
    COYS !!

  2. If it's just a bloody guess, why fifth?

  3. I'm guessing you irritate me.

  4. Love the aritical but couldn't smash Sandinista for any reason!

    Were gonna challange for 3rd/4th but it's a little too early to say it's defo our's, just look the results today (the scum up the road, and liverpool). I say hold on to your hats, it's going to be a fun season!

  5. As a Super Hoops fan I can also see us coming 4th, 4th from bottom that is, and that will do just fine. Although I would like to do the double over Chelski on route to survival if that's not too greedy.

  6. spurs 2- qpr 3 lol.why not !! come on you rrrrs

  7. OK - I'm not a weird stalker - just rather impressed. Woody Allen and The Faces quoted in two back-to-back articles about Spurs.

    I like the cut of your jib mon brave - but you are way too pessimistic - even for a Woody afficionado. I'd say 2nd is looking good right now -especially with a couple of encellent buys in January in the right positions.

  8. Yes1 I think you are being pessimistic.there are certain things that you are ignoring.Firstly,Spurs have tremendous depth and the injury list is getting smaller by the week.Secondly,this side is probably the strongest for many years.Arsenal and Man city and perhaps United are the only clubs that have a better or comparable record in the premiership in their last 6 games.

  9. we've played 5 away matches and only 3 at home. we've already played both manchesters, Liverpool and arsenal. And we have 2 games in hand. All in all we are very well placed indeed, but this won't count for anything if we don't win our home matches in hand. So we have to win tomorrow.

    As per normal in the PL, it won't be easy. QPR have some excellent players. Barton and swp would walk into our squad. Helgusson is the kind of bruiser that will cause us problems. and of course they have a manager who knows how to beat us (right back to his notts county days!). But we are a good side now, a proper top end of the league outfit. We should win an probably will. I hope people don't turn up expecting a cricket score though. I'll take the 3 points however they come.

  10. It is time for the team to put paid to the thing that buggers us up every year; dropping points to the promoted clubs and losing to teams we should be beating. We did the business at Blackburn last week and we got an ugly point against the buoyed up Bar Codes. With Chelski looking a bit dodgy; Man Ure losing that gilt-edged look, we can, if we play like we want it, get a top 3 spot this year. However, that said, look where the Arse are suddenly? The Red Shite are better than they were and the Bar Codes are playing like team, which is often as good as a twelfth man. If it wasn't for the fact that Manchester exists, it would be a really exciting season. COYS!

  11. The author is being tagged as a pessimist.

    Say it ain't so.

  12. you built up Rangers to be such a pleasant proposition that I was slighly surprised to find the travelling contingent to be pretty charmless.