Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Super Seismic Sunday

Spurs always do this to me. Or do I always do this to Spurs?

A non-descript match in the middle distance of our fixture list comes closer and suddenly takes on the proportions of an epochal acid test that will basically decide the fate of our club for at least a decade.

I mean, Newcastle away. Who gives a fuck, right? Or, at least, who gave a fuck? But now it looms. And it looms large. See how it looms. Goddam it's loomy. You can practically hear the John Williams theme welling up in the background.

Newcastle looked like a bump in the road when the season began, especially after the fucking car crashes that befell us against United and City. This was something to look forward to, surely.

Now it looks more like a fork; a pivotal moment. Win and we'll probably be top four and the pecking order will be established. Lose and we'll be mid-table, scratching around with Villa and Everton.

Newcastle, of course, are unbeaten. And in that hallowed top four. Now, I can't be arsed to check who they've played, but, off the top of my head, I'd say Wolves, Blackburn, er, Grimsby, Chorlton-cum-Hardy under-11s, the lot that lost to Brian Glover's team in Kes... Barnstoneworth United?

Anyway, the point, the crumb to cling to, is that they might still be shit. (Can you cling to a crumb? You can't, can you?)

And yet, they're 4th. They're unbeaten. They seem to have a load of French players that may well go on to, I don't know, form the nucleus of a national side that lifts the world cup in three years time or something.

See, it's happening again. Newcastle away, with Nolan, Carroll, Barton and Enrique all gone, was going to be a walk in the St James Park. Now it looks like one of Hercules' 12 tasks. Probably, given the nature of the opposition, the one involving clearing a never-ending pile of horse shit.

Mark Lawrenson will soon be saying almost exactly the same over at BBC Sport, mark my words.


  1. This is why I prefer Spurs challenging in the league rather than just a cup side.

    Every league game now is like what an FA Cup quarter final used to be like, ie a big deal.

    Another big game to see if we can continue to kick at the doors of the top 4 and possibly our toughest game yet.

    And possibly decisive extra twist today is the news of our star striker battling to be fit for the trip to take on and defeat the geordie hordes.

  2. You do write some funny shiz my friend!