Saturday, 22 October 2011

Newcastle report/Blackburn preview

Didn't get round to a Newcastle review and haven't done a Blackburn preview, but both can be covered off with similar points.

(Not even a mention of Rubin Kazan, but I can do that now: Oh Pav. Pav, Pav, Pav.)

Okay, it's gonna get a bit technical here, and I might lose some of you, so concentrate. Against Newcastle, from the off, we just looked... wonky.

Was it 4-5-1, or 4-4-1-1? Or nine outfield players going wherever they had to to cover for Van der Vaart?

Right midfield is obviously the problem. I'm sure most players at the cub know what both words mean individually, but fuck me they're baffled when used in conjunction with each other.

We've tried VdV there, we're tried Sandro there, we've tried Bale there, we've tried Modric there and for 10 minutes against Arsenal we tried no one there.

Lennon's supposed to be the answer, but he he didn't look in sparkling form on Thursday and it's doubtful he'll get the nod of either Rafa or Sandro, even in his 'specialist' position.

Shame. Because whilst I know there are plenty of ways of tweaking the system to make room for our best players, there are three things that I want to see every game for at least a while: Adebayor and Defoe in partnership up front, Bale on the left of midfield and Modric plus either Parker or Sandro in the centre of midfield.

Got a bit of a headache now. I don't like thinking about shape and tactics. I like shouting useless encouragement and frankly non-sensical abuse. So, Harry, make it easy for me to understand. Make it easy for the players to understand. Fuck it, make it so simple even Alan Smith understands. And make us win.


  1. It's been so long since Lennon put together two or three decent performances back to back that I'm seriously beginning to lose faith in him. Two years ago I thought in two years time he'd be a world beater. Hmmm.

    Bale is wasted on the right though and David Bentley sure as hell isn't the answer. Can Andros Townsend cross with his right foot?

    If we turn up with the right attitude tomorrow we should be the better team whatever formation we play...


  2. Andros played and scored on his Debut from the right and completely dictated. Sure it was against Charlton, but he really was quality that game. He deserves a real opportunity, and this would be a great game to give him a go!

    Use VDV as an impact player, bring the man in for Defoe at 60 minutes if things aren' going well. Andros off the right and Bale on the left, interchangeable if necessary but it gives us the pace and width to actually use our massive frontman!

  3. How about moving Walker up on right midfield when Corluka comes back? He spends most of his time there anyway, and not without merit.

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