Friday, 14 October 2011

Adebayor, or... or what, precisely

Right, just a quickie: is it me or have we become awfully reliant on Adebayor all of a sudden?

If he's out, which apparently he might be this Sunday, what are our options? I don't think Defoe on his own works; I don't think VdV on his own works; I don't think Defoe and VdV work together; I don't think Pav... well, I don't think Pav knows what 'work' means.

And what are the chances of us actually signing Adebayor at the end of the season? Slimmer than Luka on cup-a-soup, I'd say.

We've got a long term plan though, right? Good. Just checking.


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  2. Spot-on. I hope Levy is still running around Europe with that dog-eared 25 million check so we can sign a proper (and permanent) striker in January. Adebayor always seemed like a last minute, temporary solution. Defoe isn't working out for us and hasn't in quite a while, especially not on his own. I'd rather add Sandro to the midfield and have Modric take half a step up. (When Ade plays, that is.)

  3. Maybe there is no cover for Adebayor to force Harry to use Pav and Gio as strikers in the Premier League. Otherwise he would never play them because he apparently thinks they are not up to Premier League standard.