Saturday, 10 September 2011

Harry Redknapp: the man who knew too little

I read this morning that Harry Redknapp knew nothing about Sandro signing an extension to his contract until he saw it on SSN.

This is worrying. I mean, is he not even on Twitter? Or Twitcher?

It is,of course, just the latest in a long line of really important things, affecting the club he manages, about which he knows nothing.

Maybe it's become a stock answer because of his dealings with the Revenue: 'Yeah, sorry, don't know about that; nope, can't tell you anything about that; ooh, hang on, now that one I do know happens to be for... no, sorry, it's gone again."

Let's review what he doesn't know about Spurs:

He doesn't (or didn't) know that Sandro has signed a new five year deal with the club.

He doesn't know what Luka Modric's current state of mind is.

He doesn't (or didn't) know anything about any bids Chelsea made for Modric ("only what the chairman's said").

He doesn't know if we've made any enquiry about David Beckham.

He doesn't know anything about any transfers, in or out, ever.

I'd like to know what he does know:

Daniel Levy's phone number?

The location of the 'ignore' key on his phone when TalkSport call him?

That we're playing Wolves this afternoon?

How to beat Wolves this afternoon?

Where we'll be in six months time?

Where he'll be in six months time?

Answers on a postcard please to: Harry Redknapp, Anywhere The Buck Isn't, OOTK, N17.


  1. Same old crap all the time from 'Arry.
    He has said, on TV, that he has nothing to do with contracts, wages, signings - but still finds time to be on radio, TV and in the paper every day talking about it.
    He is a twat.

  2. The thought has recently crossed my mind that 'Arry might not know anything because Levy is aware that he will leave in May to take over from Fabio 'Beaker' Capello (or go to HMP Wandsworth). Perhaps he's just 'in charge' of the team until the end of the season and Levy has been obstinate about Modric, et al, because he wants to have things in place when a new manager comes in; one who might be good enough to tempt Modric to stay and coax a few more world class players to the team? Unlikely, I know, but no more unlikely than a manager who doesn't seem to know what's going on. One who might just have lost a large portion of the dressing room.

  3. Just a stock answer from Harry, don't take it seriuosly. He has years of experience in the game, he knows exactly where to position himself with regard to important matters concerning the team, and the club as a whole come to that.
    The media omni-prescence is a liitle bit tiresome, but is clearly sanctioned by his paymasters, probably from the point of view that any publicity is good publicity. I've learned to ignore it, as I believe Harry should be judged on results & results only, and on that basis should be our favourite son at the moment!

  4. Reckon 'Arry will be off in Summer 2012. Hopefully some classier manager like Carlo Ancelotti will take up the Spurs hot seat then...

  5. Hmm, so one out of four is a Spurs fan. You other three are obviously just frightened supporters of sides who think they have a god given right to champions league football year in and year out and can't stand the thought of any one coming in and having a bit of success. Never mind we'll be rid of you glory boy types as soon as your sides start slipping a bit more. In fact it's being mooted around certain parts that Arse will soon be doing a Leeds. Many people will find that funny, myself included, but on the other hand, we could do with the points, to coin a phrase.

  6. one of the best managers in Football England