Saturday, 6 August 2011

Not a season preview

For work, I recently had to do thumbnail previews for all 20 Premier League teams. It was part of a sponsored piece of contract publishing, so the content was necessarily a little anodyne, but here's us:

Tottenham need to do two things this summer: hang on to Luka Modric and sign at least one world class centre forward. Both are easier said than done. But whilst the Spurs board and management are clearly giving task number one a right good go, the lack of activity regarding the second part of the process is beginning to frustrate. A centre half to compensate for the loss of Woodgate and King’s ongoing battle of wounded knee would be nice – a centre forward to compensate for the current crop being rubbish is absolutely essential. Two years ago Spurs broke into the top four and hinted at becoming part of English football’s true elite. Last year they took a faltering step backwards. This season will go a long way to deciding whether they can be part of a new ‘Big Six’ – or just a bit better than Everton.

And here's Arsenal:

Ross and Rachel got together quicker than Cesc Fabregas and bloody Barcelona. This year it looked certain they’d finally fall into each other’s arms but now… not so much. Samir Nasri also seemed halfway out the door, only to be hauled back in and made to see out his contract. All of which means that the only significant departure to date has been Gael Clichy – and even that can’t have been too significant because Arsene Wenger immediately declared he didn’t need replacing. Gervinho has arrived to bolster a striking line-up that last season looked a little lightweight, except when Bendtner played, when it just looked shit. But still no snarling centre back to shore up a sometimes comically brittle defence. The ‘Arsene Knows’ banners still fly high at The Emirates, but if he doesn’t deliver this year, some slightly less complimentary messages may start being scrawled.

I'll maybe put some more up over the next few days.

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