Monday, 18 July 2011

Spurs: Heading for atrophy - or in need of a proof reader?

I am aware of the counter argument to this. I am aware, in fact, that this is a fucking ridiculous thing to say, but: I'm worried.

The counter argument is that, as we stand, a team including a decent dollop of players who we'll eventually either sell or sideline have played 90 meaningless minutes, and that, anyway, no pre-season games ever give a realistic guide to form come kick-off.

But, still, I'm worried. I'm worried we're going to hit August 13th with all the momentum and dynamism of a soggy pudding. I'm worried that we're lacking leadership, direction, ambition and any galvanising sense of purpose and unity.

I wrote half way through 10/11 that, actually, the most important period in the club's recent history wouldn't be the season we failed to qualify for the Champions League, it would be the summer after the season we failed to qualify for the Champions League. That would decide whether we were going to be part of a permanent shift/broadening of the Premier League power base, or whether we'd just been tourists all along.

We're now more than halfway through that summer and so far we seem to be either embroiled in ugly situations in which we're battling against bigger opponents for obscure reasons (Redknapp in court, the Modric saga, the stadium fiasco), or we're just sitting on our hands (the transfer 'activity').

I'm worried that we're running out of time. I'm worried that our agenda has been hijacked - by agents, by Chelsea, by Sky Sports fucking News or whatever. Oh, and Sandro's injured.

But, yes, fucking hell, give 'em a chance, etc. Absolutely. Daniel, Luka, Harry, everyone, could all be ready for Everton and 11/12, shoulder-to-shoulder with impressive new colleagues as well as each other, determined to prove that we're better than last year and better than the year before; that 5th is not "as good as it gets" and that Champions League qualification (at least) is a realistic target this year and every year from now on.

Like I say, this is ridiculous. Only an idiot would start writing the season off in July. An idiot or a Spurs fan - a certain type of Spurs fan, anyway. Hi, have we met?


  1. Thanks for the post! My worry so far is limited to Sandro’s injury (should we have fought harder for Charlie Adam?) and the fact that our strikers remain unable to score to save their lives. I watched Spurs in pre-season in San Jose last summer and they were pretty awful then too (save for Krancjar and Huddlestone). Naughton was constantly mis-positioned (I kept picturing a piano with keys between the blacks and whites, and how awfully discordant they might sound). Hutton’s feet had (have) the sensitivity of bricks. Everyone looked tired. But a few weeks later things fell more or less into place (or went on loan to Leicester, as in Naughton’s case). There’s hope…I hope.

  2. Oh there's always hope - cruel, cruel hope.

  3. I'm worried too, I am excited for the season to start, and i'm also dreading this campaign...I love our team, and hate our team. Oh to be a Spurs man...I/We must crazy

  4. It isn't looking great so far... and if you're worried about our momentum going into August 18th, what about our first game of the season on August 13th?! Doesn't bear thinking about ;)

  5. Early days but initial signs have not been promising. Hopefully this kid will be one for the future & not an attempt by Harry to reduce the average age of the squad following the signing of old man Brad. Agree totally that this Summer is the most important pre-season for some years and the lack of any meaningful activity which may persuade the likes of Modric to stay is a damning inditement of the current management. Still four weeks is a long time in football and hopefully there will be a positive development before we have to kick a ball in anger