Monday, 13 June 2011

Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur

This the second guest appearance from Twitter legend and Spurs fan @Bentleysbird. This time she's taking on Man Utd. I don't fancy their chances...

Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur. That’s the song. Not glory glory Man United.

Sadly a song isn’t the only thing that some sections of the Utd faithful seem to think they have the divine right to take from us. Even more sadly, we haven’t exactly given them any reason to think any differently.

Now I’m not one of those people who think that players should show nothing but loyalty to the shirt and remain at the same club forever. It’s a nice dream but the money that the Premier League and Champions League bring has made it a completely unrealistic one.

Gone are the days when you could get relegated and your stars would remain faithful. I shudder to think where we would be now if football in 1977 had been the same beast that it is now. And as I have no family connection to Spurs I’m not sure whether I would have ended up a fan had our return to top flight football not been so swift.

Players have limited careers. Surely it’s understandable that they should want to be as successful as possible while they are at their peak? And that being so, it follows that players will move on if they don’t think that we as a club have enough capability or ambition.

Let’s not kid ourselves, Manchester United is one hell of a temptation and not one that many players find themselves able to resist. For me personally, it isn’t about whether a player leaves. It’s about how he does so.

When Utd came knocking on Teddy’s door he treated us with respect till the day he left, won his medals and then came back. Michael Carrick also tried his hardest all the time he was our player. Although he probably had a bit of a laugh once he’d gone at the fans who suddenly realised that actually he was quite an important part of our team...

Then there's Berbatov who, in his haste to force his move, showed us everything that is wrong with modern football. His talent is indisputable. But so is the fact that he treated the club that had given him his Premier League chance, and the fans who had adored him, like the White Hart Lane dirt he was so keen to shake from his boots. As far as I’m concerned the rumours of him coming back should be put to bed by Levy as soon as possible.

This season of course, they are linked with Modric. It was always likely, but Ferguson’s comment that Modric would have been his choice for player of the season made it inevitable. But calm down everyone; at this stage an interest is all that’s inevitable. Contrary to the seemingly mass belief of the press and the section of Utd fans that frequent Twitter (I don’t know any in real life to say how they’re reacting), Ferguson’s expressing an interest doesn’t actually mean he’s bought the little magician.

We’ve spent the last few years building and with the right three or four purchases we could be up there competing with Utd instead of meekly accepting that they are superior to us. Modric hasn’t made any noise about wanting to leave and it is now up to Levy and Redknapp to make him want to stay.

That’s not necessarily about increasing his wages; it’s about making a statement of intent that we intend to be challengers. No offence to Friedel but we’re going to need to move in on some better players and quickly if we want to be convincing. And maybe we should promise Luka a better song if he stays.

So Danny boy, get your chequebook ready and Redknapp, stop the OAP love-in. This is the season that we need to make sure that the Spurs go marching on- while the reds quite frankly can fuck right off.


  1. Much as I hate myself for saying it, if Modders does go (which he will if a real offer over £40 appears) I would rather it was Man U than Citeh or Chelski.
    And I hate Fergie more than anything.

    But that move would at least show he wants to play football, not just be a rich twat.

  2. Nice one BB. Football is altogether a different type of beast compared to yesteryear. Shame really. It's the money, simple as that.

    Imagine if the sport only paid a couple of grand per week max. Wage caps etc. Might see some loyalty then.


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  4. I fear for our chances of attracting anyone as long as we only bid £1million for a player the parent club values at £20million... Besides, I'm Modric won't leave just now. He strikes me as one of the "loyal" ones, but there would only be so much he would take, I imagine.

  5. Good piece BB - but I would suggest that the song goes Glory Glory Hallelujah - there was no need to sing Tottenham Hotspur, everyone knew to whom it referred ....

  6. Great article. And Frank, you are spot on with that comment