Friday, 27 May 2011

Waiter, more wine please

For Such Small Portions' second end of season review, please welcome Twitter starlet @Bentleysbird as our guest columnist. As with @Liquidspurs, here's a Spurs fan with plenty of opinions worth listening to but, without a blog, only 140 characters with which to express them. Until now. So, make sure you're following her - and if you're a Harry/Stratford fan, stand well back...

If you’re a glass half full kind of person you should probably stop reading. Me? When my glass is half empty I ask for a refill.

We all start every season with enormous anticipation: surely this will finally be our year. In August I was actually optimistic, not just hopeful. Champions League with a decent qualifier, the best squad we’ve had in a while and a manager who was saying all the right things. It seemed this really could be it.

Sadly I won’t look back on this season with fondness, in fact, I’m glad it’s all over.

Before anyone throws the Champions League run and the wins at le scum and Liverpool at me and I counteract with Wolves, Wigan, West Ham etc, I want to be clear. The main reasons that I just want to forget this season are not footballing ones. From a season of hope this has turned into a season of division, fan against fan, of sniping, backbiting and downright pettiness.

Firstly, the stadium. There are arguments for and against moving to Stratford but the big one is this: heritage v convenience.

The club moved from a position of ‘plan B’ to ‘preferred’ with amazing speed, telling us the Northumberland Park Development had become ‘unviable’, aiming blame in the direction of the local council and MP yet providing no concrete reasons.

I just can’t shake the feeling that a move away from Tottenham would be the beginning of the end of the club I love and the start of something completely different - and not in a good way. For that reason a large part of my season was spent campaigning against this move. And while I firmly believe it was the right thing to do, it took a lot of the pleasure out of games for me, especially while I was questioned and berated for doing something that in my heart I know is right.

I thought the decision to award the Olympic Stadium to West Ham would end this particular battle, and we could campaign together for the NPD, creating the space we need in the area we belong.

Sadly, for all the good Levy has done for Spurs it seems that like a drunk in a nightclub he just can’t take no for an answer. Ladies, you know the man I mean and gents, you may have been him. Bottom line: it’s unattractive, desperate and will only end in further rejection and potential humiliation.

Secondly, Harry Redknapp. He’s overtaken Jenas as the Marmite man. Personally I think he’s a classless media junkie who treats our fans and heritage with utter contempt and who has written my beloved Martin Jol out of Spurs history.

Other fans like his easy manner with the press and the slack they have cut us in return. On the pitch there have been good performances and bad. The people in the middle would just like him to admit that sometimes he gets it wrong instead of constant deflection, talking about unhappy fans on a phone in as ‘idiots who don’t even watch football’, telling us ‘it won’t get any better’ despite his early season assertion that Spurs could challenge for the title and, the icing on the cake for many ‘Anyone that doesn’t enjoy it should go and support someone else’.

Wherever you stand on this debate, it should be just that, not sections of fans calling others names and questioning their loyalty to a club who they have backed through numerous bad times. We’re allowed to disagree as long as we remember the constant, we all love Spurs.

So, yes, there have been good times this season but with the exception of a memorable trip to Bremen they aren’t what I’ll remember. But chin up, we are Tottenham, next season is sure to be different. So waiter, bring me my wine and please, make it a good year.


  1. billy nics ghost27 May 2011 at 10:00

    "It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high... so high, in fact, that even failure will have in it an echo of glory!" Bill Nic.

    "5th is as good as it gets. Dont you watch football?" Harry.

  2. I agree with this blog. I went through hell worrying that Spurs would move from their ancestral home. There were Champions League highs and and relegation fodder lowers. Frankly this season exhausted me.

  3. 9 points from 10 games between Feb 22 - May 10
    7 of those games against bottom half teams
    5 of those games against bottom 5 teams
    3 of those games against relegated teams
    14 goals scored, 17 conceded

    All nicely put Ellie. As far as Redknapp goes he's now burnt his bridges to such an extent that if we were to get off to a poor start next season a lot of fans would turn on him.

    What's the definition of an idiot? A fan who rings a radio station to say they're worried about the form their club is showing or a manager who constantly rings up the same radio show to have a go at the people who ultimately keep him in a job and pay his wages?

    As for fans not going to games or watching football. At least if we were the manager we'd be at every training session and not in Portsmouth playing on our Wii

  4. A nice piece I am a Harry fan but we would not have had him if Jol had been given the support from the board H has had. To that end Harry as has been said has burnt his bridges and let's be fair this summer could yet bring changes at the helm. As for the stadium issue this is an issue which has keep it simple plastered all over it or at least it should do Statford was never right for us but the OC have backed the wrong horse giving that stadium to West Ham is like making a sows ear out of a silk purse. I did not want to think of us there but a new stadium is a must what we'd all like to know is exactly why NPD is no longer viable.

    As for saying what we achieved this season being the best we could is absolute nonsense 14 draws are proof of that. Perhaps we were spoilt last season and to that end our cup raneth over as Spurs fans we are much more used to the what if feeling and a season tends to raise more questions than it answers we seem to be back to type. On a final and brighter point with the right tweaks and some better luck next season could be a good one

  5. What worries me going forward is that Harry is more concerned with the FA and media than Spurs. After Bale got all the acclaim from the games against Inter he has been constantly fouled by opposition defenders. Culminating with the tackle from Adams. I have not heard Harry defend Bale once or stick up for him. He did stick up for Adams though. Ferguson would have said something that would have brought action from the FA just to keep it in the news and protect his player. He also tends to throw players under the bus (Lennon, Pav) to deflect from him or his signings. I would actually be ok with Harry as the manager next season (though I would hope he has minimal say in transfer activity, why do we need another CM, Parker, who has only really excelled at a club fighting relegation?). However, I hope that he would be worried about his current employer and not who he hopes is his future employer.

  6. I'm with you. Interesting that, since the Chelsea rumours, Harry has maintained something like a dignified silence. Out of respect for us at last or because the oligarch has a very big brown paper bag.

    Jol/ Hughton, please come home. Just don't order lasagne this time.

    On Stratford. We need growth - but not at any cost. We deserve better than an ambition to become the east London-bound equivalent of the MK Dons. I still hold forlorn faith that this is a ploy to get funding to make the NPD possible... or at worst... to Tottenham Hale we go.