Monday, 23 May 2011

Tottenham's best season ever comes to a glorious end...

And so Pav uses both thumbs to point at his name one last time - simultaneously showing Birmingham's players and fans the way to go.

Never been sure why he does that. Then again, it is a fucking hard name to spell (hence this blog's overly matey habit of calling him Pav), so maybe it's just a series of refreshers. Although, at his scoring rate, it may take us some years to actually memorise it.

Or is it a pretty damn delusional 'Im The Man' type thing?

Anyway, it's kind of annoying. And so is Pav. That's probably, what, six goals this season that with minimum fuss and even less back lift he's just drilled into the back of the net from outside the box.

90 per cent of the time, he's as ineffective as Crouch - only at least Crouch looks like he's trying.

Actually, wait, is that a good thing or not? It means Crouch is doing his best (hooray!) and still isn't good enough (boo!). Whereas Pav looks feckless and half-arsed, so is maybe underachieving, which is annoying but at least leaves us with the possibility of a great player - a possibility he hints at every now and again with the sort of goal that poor Peter could never score.

Anyway, I'd certainly keep Pav ahead of Crouch. I'd keep my toenail clippings ahead of Crouch.

He seems like a nice lad, sure, but if our last sight of him was being lead from the pitch, dazed and disorientated, possibly about to collapse, a threat to no one and nothing but low flying aircraft - well that would be a fitting coda to his White Hart Lane career.

After the game, dear old Harry told all supporters who have any quibbles with his view that 10/11 was a total triumph to go and support someone else... Much more likely, of course, is Harry going to manager someone else.

I don't have major quibbles, but I do have some reservations. What should I do Harry? Am I allowed to carry on spending a grand and a half a year supporting Spurs? Or do I need to do a season at Barnet as penance and maybe have some sort of parole hearing next summer?

I tell you what, I'll stick around, if it's okay with you. In fact, out of the two of us, if one isn't going to be at White Hart Lane in August...

Right, there'll be some season review stuff over the next couple of weeks, including the odd guest appearance.

And there'll probably be some despairing commentary on the inevitable and relentless avalanche of transfer nonsense, some of it involving Pavulych... Pavlyec.... Super Pav.


  1. If you do get stuck for ideas over the summer, I wouldn't mind reading about your favourite all time Spurs XI of players that you've seen? Maybe you could argue it out with your mate Charlie?

  2. Thanks Dave. I think the correspondence with Charlie will continue, certainly.