Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The ten greatest moments of my Spurs supporting life - No. 9



Spurs 1 - Leicester o
League Cup Final
Spurs scorer: Neilsen

A true triumph of context over content.

By God it was a dog of a game. A dead dog of a game.

It delivered, however, our first trophy for eight years, which at the time seemed quite a gap (although after this we immediately went nine years barren).

And the moment when Allan Nielsen scored was quite exquisite. It's not often you get to celebrate a goal with such complete abandon.

Usually, you're not sure if a goal will even win you a game. There's almost always still time for something to go wrong. And we need less time than most.

And if it does win you the game, you're almost never sure it's going to clinch you the competition that game is part of. Every celebration is tempered or cut short by the intrusion of the future - be that the remaining seven minutes of the match (Come on Spurs, fucking concentrate) or the next round of the cup (It'll be Chelsea away, I know it will be).

At Wembley, grim, grubby old Wembley in 1999, we could celebrate the lot all in one go. And oh boy, did we.

Other points of note: Well, those pictures of George Graham and Sol Campbell celebrating with our trophy certainly strike an incongruous note; Ramon Vega played pretty well and made a goal saving tackle against Emile Heskey (I say 'goal saving', but it was Emile Heskey, so you can never be sure); Ginola failed to shine; and, of course, Justin Edinburgh was sent off for wafting a hand somewhere near Robbie Savage's Miss Piggy hairdo. That was the incident that gave the game some narrative, at least, and made a scrappy victory in the tin cup against lowly Leicester sort of heroic. Okay, memorable. For those us who were there, and remember it.

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  1. I made a video on it, I couldn't find highlights anywhere so I made my own.