Thursday, 3 February 2011

Old jokes home

To mark the retirement of Man Utd's shop steward, I'm going to recycle a joke that made its blog debut six years ago (another blog, shared with m'colleague, but the joke's very much my own).

Ahem, right, here goes:

'I see 'Call Gary Neville' is on MUTV tonight. Now there's a programme with only half a title'.

I said it was old, not funny.

Bye Gary!


  1. Cunt like his bruvvah, he's just a cunt like his bruvvah..cunt like his bruuuuuvvah, he's just a cunt like his bruuuvah....(refrain)

  2. I love the way the media have been falling over themselves to echo Sralex's sentiment that Gary Neville was 'the best English right back of his generation'. That, surely, is damning with faint praise. I, for example, am the best Irish centre half in my house. I am a terrible centre half. Gary Neville could also be described as 'the best full back in his family'. He could also be described as 'a severely limited footballer whose medal haul vastly overstates his importance or ability'. Finally... he has very silly facial hair.

  3. I completely agree with Ciaran, he's a terrible centre half.