Thursday, 10 February 2011

Not just another 48 hours

Because of who's playing who, when and where, this weekend looks a real biggie.

At 12:45 on Saturday, Man Utd will beat the noisy neighbours and Man City will, for the first time in a while, be properly within reach. They'll be five points clear still, but we'll have two games in hand.

At 3:00 on Saturday, Liverpool will beat Wigan at home and will be just three points behind us (they'll have played two games more, but we do have a trip to Anfield to negotiate). They'll have won their last four in a row. And work will begin on a Dame Kenny Dalglish statue in the centre of the city. Not that they're prone to emotional over reaction, obviously.

At 5:30 on Saturday, we play Sunderland away. Win and we go fourth. Not just fourth but 'third if we win our game in hand'. Lose and we should honestly be at least as concerned about Liverpool closing the gap on us as we are about us closing the gap on the Champions League spots.

Sunday's a day of rest. Well, Bolton play Everton, so God obviously wants you to at least have a snooze.

On Monday evening, Chelsea go to Fulham. And a draw can't be ruled out. Zamora's just played for their reserves, I believe. Come on The Goal Machine. Bag another one and continue your completely mental argument with that one bloke in the stand who dared call you a bit shit after a sustained period of being a bit shit.

(Apologies about the 'stained' bit of 'sustained' being so close to 'shit'. And 'period' come to that. Now I've said 'come' right next to 'period'. Shit.)

Arsenal are at home to Wolves, but that's an irrelevance, we won't be catching them. Shhhh, now, you big sillies.

So, yes Stratford (or rather no Stratford), yes the entire future of the club, yes the debate continues, but for the next few days let's also remember what we do best. Which is, of course, er, anyone?

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