Thursday, 3 February 2011

Jolie good show - sort of

That's the first time I've followed a game on Twitter. Fuck me it's excruciating.

Ultimately joyous, though.

Actually, scratch that: ultimately unconvincing (like Angelina Jolie in The Tourist, see pic. It was either her or Crouchy so shut up). But, we'll take it.

Analysis of tactics, plus points, negatives, personnel etc will be done in far greater depth and with far more useful insight elsewhere. I know my limits (well, usually).

All I'll say is that it's a decent result a long way from home and if you add Bale, Thud, Woodgate and Modric to that team it will be more than twice as good. Maybe not good enough to overhaul any of the current top four, but still pretty good.

Oh, plus, the two things the media like to hit us with are a paucity of clean sheets and an inability to win away (although to keep the argument going, they recently changed this to 'outside London', which seemed a lot like cheating).

Clean sheets? Well, yeah we could always do with more, but we're not exactly Bobby Sands, are we?

And away wins? Five, thanks very much. Two more than Man Utd. And only City and the Arse have more.

Now then, before you scuttle off and read what Henry Winter or A.N. Other Proper Pundit thinks, here are some completely non-essential observations from last night:

I love it that when Crouch scored, the first two over to congratulate him were Lennon and Defoe. It looked for a while like an awkward dad out with his two cool and embarrassed kids. Hey, come on, it's a modern world, it could happen. Maybe they're adopted. He should have started doing the robot and really fucked with their minds. "Dad! Stop it! Rafael's coming!"

I listened to Five Live in the build-up and at one point, previewing the Liverpool v Stoke game, David Pleat said that Steven Gerrard is a "great set ball kicker". He really did. I think someone needs to put a blanket over David's knees and bring him some cocoa.

When Sky show the top of the table, they show the top five. When the BBC show the top of the table, they show the top four. Sky are basically idiots.

The woman standing in for Chris Hollins on BBC Breakfast sport has a disconcertingly deep voice. Seriously, check it out. This morning she officially rubber-stamped our win as 'unconvincing' (though it was actually just a sort of rumble, and obviously she was just reading what a man had written for her).

And that would seem to be the word of the day: unconvincing. That and 'thank' nuzzling right up against 'fuck'.

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  1. LOL at the new Sports Presenter on BBC Breakfast - an amazingly deep voice