Sunday, 23 January 2011

Slip sliding away

Are we allowed to be disappointed with this one?

The media seemed to get a bit snippy, bordering on incredulous, about us being unhappy with a draw against Man Utd. Above our station, get some perspective, etc.

But, despite the gratifying nature of how we got the point, we can still be fucked off with the fact that it was only a point against Newcastle, right? I mean, they're shit. And they were under strength.

Under strength shit? That's diarrhea. No one wants a draw with diarrhea.

The problems were, again, blatantly obvious: plenty of possession, no cutting edge, strikers that can't score, midfielders bailing us out (quite often baleing us out).

The always nonsensical notion that this team could win a title now looks plain comical. And even a top four slot looks fanciful. When you see a left flank of Bassong and Pienaar and a right flank of Hutton and anyone, it surely shows that we're still a long way short. Sunderland are a point behind us.

In five weeks time we could have lost to Fulham in the FA Cup, AC Milan in the Champions League and be 6th.

Sell Pav and Crouch, top up their transfer fees a bit and get a £20m striker to create a pool of three to pick from: Defoe, VdV and the new guy. We've still never spent £20m on a player, remember. Or paid anyone £100K a week.

That's probably something to be quite proud of, but you can't list it on the honours board.

This season we're accruing slightly less points per game than we did in Martin Jol's first year. That's not a damning indictment, obviously. Jol did a good job and that was a good year. But, it does show that maybe there hasn't been as much improvement as the media's making out.

Before we face Arsenal at the Lane on Feb 26th, we play Blackburn, Bolton, Sunderland and Blackpool - with only the Bolton game at home. The only way we'll go into the derby with our season still alive is if we win all four.

If you feed those fixtures and each team's current form into this handy ready reckoner, the odds come out at nofuckingchance-1.

The game up on Wearside is more likely to take on six pointer status than the Arse fixture.

Happy Monday, everybody.

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