Thursday, 27 January 2011

Do me a favour, love

Yes, this is largely an excuse to use the funniest line uttered so far this year. The funniest line of the year from the unfunniest man of this or any other year.

And fair dos, it's not even noos, because it happened several days ago, but, I did want to just highlight part of Karen Brady's argument for West Ham's Olympic stadium bid and, more specifically, part of her argument against our bid.

She said, in The Sun, that if we win, it would be "like building over 100 primary schools and then bulldozing every single one of them".


It sort of wouldn't though, would it? 100 primary schools serve a very different purpose to one giant sports stadium. I think she's referring to cost. But she's thrown in a whole load of implication about public good, moral responsibility etc. And ended up sounding a tiny bit mad.

If it's about wasting money, then why primary schools? Why not, 'It's like ordering 98,000 chicken bhunas and then not eating them'? For many West Ham fans, this would also be easier to visualise. And care about.

She also very cleverly doesn't mention whether or not these primary schools will be empty or not. Back the Spurs bid? You're essentially killing children.

In the same piece, she says: "We have embraced the legacy promises made to the world in the Queen's name".

That's 'to the world' and 'in the Queen's name'. Can we try for just a teensy bit more overblown? Probably not.

Again, though, she is right on The Sun reader's money in her emotive 'reasoning'. Still backing the Spurs bid? So you kill children and you just called our glorious monarch a lying bitch.

As mentioned previously. Most Spurs fans don't want to move out of Tottenham and most West Ham fans I know don't want a stadium with a running track. This is two bald men fighting over a comb. A £500m comb. Only one of those bald men is also a republican child murderer.

Breaking: Just had a preview of this week's column and she's said that Richard Keys' sexist remark about her was "tantamount to pissing on Lady Diana's grave".

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