Monday, 6 December 2010

What's in a name?

'Such small portions' is the punchline to the joke that Woody Allen tells at the start of Annie Hall:

Two elderly jewish ladies are having lunch at a restaurant in the Catskills. One says, 'The food here is terrible'. The other says, 'I know, and such small portions'.

Myself and a friend realised a few years ago that we were constantly having versions of this conversation in regard to Spurs. 'Christ that was shit'; 'Can't remember a worse performance'; 'Fucking hopeless'; 'If it carries on like this, I tell you, we're going down'; 'See you at the Bolton game?' 'Absolutely'.

Didn't matter how dire we were, we always wanted more.

Eventually, we'd conclude every moanathon with, 'Such small portions'.

Thankfully, it's not a comment that's as apposite these days.

Then again, I've just looked at our next five fixtures. I can see seven points, maximum.

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