Sunday, 26 December 2010



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  1. Taking Spurs' longstanding and deeply ingrained travel sickness, 1-1 was probably a reasonable expectation prior to the game. In fact, with 25 minutes to go, it probably seemed a little optimistic. But, to steal from a posh supermarket's advertising campaign, this isn't just Spurs... this is RVDV Spurs. His flicked pass to Bale which set off the move that led to the second goal was the sort of thing that mere mortal footballers don't even bother to think about, let alone attempt. And then he was there at the end of the move to add the flourish. I think he may be the best player I've ever seen at Spurs; I didn't see Hoddle, but I've lived through Gascoigne, Klinsmann, Ginola and Dozzell. Little Luka must be starting to get pissed off; he makes one of the most amazing passes of the season to set up the first goal and no-one even notices. He's like the second best-looking child trying to get a few seconds in front of Daddy's video camera. Anyhow, I digress. All I wanted to say was that your piece about our relationship with Villa and the CL4 was brilliant. Keep up the good work.