Monday, 20 December 2010

Hateful or hollow?

There should be a hierarchy of hate.

Hate is football currency and, strangely, it's the withholding of it that's really valuable.

Arsenal started it, I think. As the gap between us grew, they tried to convince us/themselves/the watching world, that they weren't really concerned with the odd domestic skirmish any more, as they had sustained, significant campaigns to fight elsewhere, against more worthy (and more despised) opponents.

They were trying to kill us with indifference, basically. Just like we do to West Ham. Aw, bless.

I'm not sure how true it was/is. They certainly seemed upset the other week, didn't they? But they were making a point.

So, yeah, proper London team fansites should basically poll their readers to see which other London team they hate the most. We'll have a league table. I think we might 'win'.

If we do, could we put it in the roll of honours bit in the programme?

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