Monday, 13 December 2010

Drawing conclusions

Well, I was almost right. Should have been right. Glad I was wrong.

I think we just about deserved a draw - and the fact that they missed a penalty in injury team means that it feels like a point won rather than two dropped.

The media seem to be laying it on pretty thick in regard to it being a great game, blood and thunder, end to end, etc. I thought it was just okay. Not exactly bags of chances, no real, sustained quality from either side. Even the fouls were a bit half-hearted. Essien kind of stamped on Bale, but not really; Hutton snapped and snarled but didn't really bite.

Obviously, having taken the lead, it was disappointing that we didn't push on but, 1) we rarely do and 2) this is Chelsea we're talking about.

Pav's goal was a beauty. I've worked him out. He scores an amazing goal that none of our other strikers would score once every 5.7 hours of playing time, and for the other 340 minutes just sort of lumbers about, probably reflecting on how ace that goal he 'just' scored was.

Drogba was, predictably, a fired up handful when he came on. Dawson was kind of out-muscled for the goal, but there was also an element of fortune. Plus he can be forgiven for thinking that maybe Gomes might have bailed him out. But oh no. Twat. If he carries on like this we won't be able to laugh at Arsenal's 'keepers. And that will never do.

Ah well, onwards and sideways.

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